MMOsite sells WoE Packs

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MMOsite sells WoE Packs

Post by Kismet on Mon 12 May - 18:18

Dear players, War of Eternity pack is now being sold on MMOsite along with some of our products. Players can use their payment portal to purchase the new War of Eternity pack there now!

War of Eternity Virtual Pin
Price: US$22.00
- 100 Rum points
- 1x Mystery Apparel (4 different types available)
- 9x Hi-Amplifier of Strive
- 9x Hi-Amplifier of Luck
- 3x Mini Black Dragon Bag (0.1% Chance to obtain unique Black Dragon set)
- 300,000 gold
- 3% chance to win Rebirth Card (Allow player to rebirth without any requirement)

Click here to view MMOsite product page.

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