Rebirth quest - Hard and Annoying.

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Rebirth quest - Hard and Annoying.

Post by Mimi on Tue 13 May - 14:06

Final Sub Quest - Pick Difficult or Annoying

Head to Icicle City and find the NPC Passerby - Tink (1335, 469)
Find Clan Chief - Albuda (899, 3641) at Shaitan City
The quest splits into two - 难度任务 (Difficult) / 烦度任务 (Annoying) you only need to do one
If you wish to switch to another quest, you have to pay =X

Go back to Passerby - Tink (1337, 469) to take the quest
Kill Demonic World Level 1 / 2 Boss
Lastly Kill Black Dragon
Then you'll obtain the last 4 runes


1) Challenge Genesis Challenge (环球航行 - 挑战吉尼斯)
(You can log off and time still counts)
First Time - Finish within half an hour
Second Time - Finish time must be greater then 7 hours but less then 8 hours
Third Time - Finish time must be greater then 5 hours but less then 5.5 hours
2) Thundoria Protector (雷霆守护者 - 雷霆大使)
You have to wear the Aries Guardian set (Which means finish the Aries Guardian Quest located at Thundoria in the hardest mode)
3) Shaitan Proetector (沙岚城守护者)
Find Tourist - Wowo at (850,3500) at Shaitan City
Talk to the NPCs ( - 500 Rep)
a) Abandon Mine Haven
b) Babul Haven - NPC Minelli (1244,3185)
c) Altantis Haven
d) Valhalla Haven
e) Oasis Haven
f) Icespire Haven
g) Rockery Haven
h) Solace Haven
i) Skeleton Haven
j) 卡尔 海蓝 微风
k) Icicle Haven
m) Andes Forest Haven
4a) Heaven Protector (天堂守护者)
Visit Heaven Teleporter (474,1054) at Treasure Gulf
Double click to use each of the following :
a) Light up 9 candles (神圣蜡烛) Cool down 10 seconds
b) Light up 99 candles (神圣蜡烛) Cool down 10 seconds
c) Use the Goddess Statue (女神雕像) 999 times Cool down 30 seconds
4b) Argent Protector (白银城守护者)
Visit Sailer - Coddy (2219, 2911) at Argent city
a) Kill 110 Mystic Shrub
b) Kill 110 Snowy Mystic Shrub
c) Kill 110 Sailor Squidy
d) Kill 110 Snow Squidy
e) Kill 110 Sailor Squirt
f) Kill 110 Snow Squirt
Finally you'll obtain the last 4 runes.

Credits go to 24x7

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