Recent gameplay & Expansion bug status

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Recent gameplay & Expansion bug status

Post by Kismet on Tue 27 May - 18:40

Dear players, we understand that there are many issues affecting gameplay recently and would like to apologise for all of these inconvenience. Once the servers stablised, we will be giving all of our player base some form of compensation.

Bug Issue
- The existing character creation bug on all servers has been fixed. Players can now create new characters.
- Players in Flag server who has virtual bag assigning issue, please email to with your account username so that we may rectify the issue for you. Players of Flag server who encountered this issue will be compensated with 1x Mini Black Dragon bag each.
- We are still looking into Anchor & Cabin server unstability issue whereby map keep crashing randomly.
- Experience bug for some players still existed and the developers are currently looking into it
- Abaddon 10 is currently unreachable. Players please do not attempt to try this dungeon till issue are fixed.
- Rebirth passive skill are currently being fix and should be recified in the coming week.

Other Known Issues:
- System message displaying quest log error message
- Missing Exit Portal at Lone Tower level 1
- Unable to obtain Mayday Card from Meteorite
- Unable to fully preview Fairy possessed skills
- Unable to proceed Rebirth Quest from NPC Huckinson (lone tower)
- Unable to light up Sacred Candle

- Rebirth skill unable to cast or no damage (Fixed)
- Rebirth quest unable to complete even with sufficient quest items (Fixed)
- Game client crash upon login character (game.exe) (Fixed)
- Extremely low experience rate while killing monster below character level (Fixed)
- Lost of character(s) in user's account (Fixed)
- Upon creation of new character, illegal birth place (Fixed)
- Upon Virtual Bag assignment, character not found (Fixed)

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Re: Recent gameplay & Expansion bug status

Post by okiorayt on Tue 27 May - 19:39

Could you please add "THE HERO'S RELIC QUEST" to the list of unsolved quest bugs
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