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Mik Supermart

Post by mikhal on Fri 30 May - 2:24

Selling in rums or trade with ugvs (rage/wind) or bd gems for the below items (price consider cheap to newly acquired price).
Will prefer to sell as a set unless offer for indiviudal item is very good.

1) Voy death set armour clean fuse to lance strawset 2 soc 110%
2) Voy defensive scythe +8 lvl 5 gos lvl 3spr
3) +10 con +10 spr glove 110% 1 soc
4) +10 con +10 spr boot 110% 1 soc

Selling in gold/rums or trade with ugvs (rage/wind) for below items

5) 110% clean boe 2 soc
6) lvl4-6 spr gem

Interested parties can contact me at ign: Mikhal or add me at msn: destiny_notfordained@hotmail.com

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