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exp bug

Post by Shadow on Wed 4 Jun - 1:15

My char is lvl 80 cruz. i went to mirage during x3 and only got 1200exp each from the lvl 85 pumkin, i was even on nann + hi amp + mj poss. I tried party a guildmate, he got normal exp but I don't. The only reason i can think of is because I was on negative exp due to playing career lot. Please let me know if this is a bug or it is set it that way for negative exp punishment. Not in mood to exp now, who month x3 still at negative exp, lol.

I was trying to take ss but don't have adobe installed at home. Just format my computer for new version of os. If you need ss to investigate, i can try get it next time.
Die shrubs DIE!!
Die shrubs DIE!!

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