Current Known Bugs [Updated]

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Current Known Bugs [Updated]

Post by Kismet on Fri 9 May - 22:09

This is a list of the currently know bugs. Please don't repost about them if they already exist here. Thanks.

This thread will be updated regularly with the information that players post in the forum.


List of Bugs remain Unfixed for now

I will be keeping a list of known bugs and will update the statues of the bugs as they are reported.

- Requirement of at least 10,000 Reputation Points to complete Rebirth Quest.
- Required to have all 8 pieces of runes placed in inventory before speaking to Goddess.

Players who had previously went to Heaven, but unable to complete their Rebirth Quest due to insufficient Reputation Points. Kindly attach a screenshot of your character in Heaven that shows messages of failing to complete quest, and send it to


-Login Bug Fixed (Seems like there are still a few getting exe.error if you get it restart the com)
-Rebirth Quest Issue & Skill Fixed (partial)
-Rebirth skill casting cool down and damage has currently been fixed.
-All Servers are not able to create New Character. (Newly Fixed )
-Navy Statue fixed but unstable sometimes.
-Mermaid Queen and Aries Guardian fixed! (Please take note the Mermaid Queen coords are 3379,1981,magicsea)
-EXP bug fixed!! (Mostly for all players) (05/19 - Newest fix)
-Rebirth passive skill are currently being fix and should be recified in the coming week.
- Virtual Bag Bug Currently had been Resolved (Newly added on 11th June)

Current Known Bugs

Rebirth Bugs
Will be tested - 5.5% attack increase and 5.5% damage taken reduced is not there.
Will be tested - SM damage reduction for rebirth skill not there
no news - Rebirth wine bug mao wines not showing up
no news - Rose sometimes doesn't appear (which is why it was taken out of the item mall)
no news - Unable to proceed Rebirth Quest from NPC Huckinson (lone tower)
no news - Rebirth Candle
NOTED - VOY new skill doesn't stop after cd

Story Quest & LifeSkill Bugs
Will be tested - Bug when repairing lifeskill tools
no news - Aries unable to get items after getting 7 emblems (pls take a screens shot at the end to prove your case)
no news - Quest "The Heroes Relic" bug unable to complete
no news - Quest bug , System message show "npc [xxxxxxx]script info manage function [NpcProc] transfer failed". Please take a Screenshot of that ( will create a new thread specially for this problem )
no news - cargo, it remains in the ship even after you sink.
NOTED - Crude Iron Ore cannot be accepted by NPCs (name change from 'Iron Ore')
NOTED - Mayday cards not dropping
NOTED - Stall name rejecting some work combinations.

Sacred War Bugs
NOTED - In sacred war if you have your inventory open and you set sail....its almost guaranteed you will get stuck at the spot and start rolling back.

Abaddon Bugs
Noted - Portal between 4&5 and 9&10 does not let players inside SOMETIMES.
[/u]Noted - Abaddon 10 is currently unreachable. Players please do not attempt to try this dungeon till issue are fixed.

Other Bugs
no news - display bug for pet skill
no news - boat under water looks cool but u cant attack and dock
no news - refuel and repair but boat still takes damage
NOTED - Bug while setting stall
NOTED - No portal to go out in lone 1 after u tele in
NOTED - Blue screen appears after u tele to another place (could be camera issue for a version check!)
NOTED - 2Cool To Whom It May Concern story quest bugged
NOTED - Complains of character lost (newly added) *
NOTED - Exp Bug ( Exp keep decreasing as players finish killing one mobs) Random * ( developers are currently looking into it )
NOTED - We are still looking into Anchor & Cabin server unstability issue whereby map keep crashing randomly.
NOTED - Equipment Lost during forging *Random*
NOTED - There will be a RANDOM rollback *sometime*
NOTED - Buffs hang in the air sometimes...bug or lag..?


To access your ship in SW you need to have your boat docked at shaitan harbour. But when you are sailing inside SW and the map closes while you are in the waters your boat will spawn at Icicle city dock

Make sure we are on land when the map is about to close.

Temporary "target map" error fix

After you recieve the error, click "exit" at the bottom of your client, and relog again. This may take a few times, but you will login eventually.

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