BIO-sphere problem solved, sorry thinking again...

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BIO-sphere problem solved, sorry thinking again...

Post by judas on Sun 8 Jun - 22:46

well after watching biodome again i got to thinking what was the population density of the biospere
and after some research and math i have decided sciencetists and ecos are idiots

well the rough population of the earth is ~ 10 a square KM, rounded up and there were 8 people inside biosphere a 3.14 acre labratory
i am guessing that there should of been 0.12707 people in that space and said space and ofcourse since the earth is 3/4 water containing oxygen producing algae and seaweed

what say you are not ecos and sciencetists idiots i didnt even spend 1 year in college and i know what went wrong and they are blaming it on microbes added to the soil...
Die shrubs DIE!!
Die shrubs DIE!!

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