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Selling everything for in-game gold or rums.
PM me for tradings in rums (Im from Malaysia BTW)
PM me here for anything that is listed below..Leave ur IGN and offer and i'll contact u either in-game or here.

Crus -

Peter's call set with soul generator <--- Hot stuff
Str MJ lvl 37 with 2 skills - Medi and berserk <--- Hot stuff

SS -

Rifle of enigma unfused +4 explosive
Precise Gloves of Gallant lvl 70 + 12 acc

BC -

Staff of enigma +4 spr gem
Boss stone Frame 100% +3 shining +1 col

Lance -

CA Paw 110% fused

Phyllis -

Ca Paw 102% fused
CA Frame 100% +2 Col


Heart of BD - 1 left
Soul Generator - 1 left <--- Hot stuff
Con MJ lvl 19 with 2 skills - Medi and berserk
Enigma chest of SM only
Eva chest of any
Piggy Set for Carcise - 3 sets

I will update this daily and items will be added/deleted. Thanks

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