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Post by ssgshallrule on Thu 22 May - 21:55

Ok, lets start with the intro:
Welcome I am making a guide about stats and their effects on your chars
each stats is differennt according to class and maybe even char aswell
so i will start weith my lance voy

Race: Lance
Class: Voyager
*calcualtions are a Rough estimate rounded out to the closest numbers*
Base hp = (Lv x 300)+200
con multipplier for hp = (Current hp x 0.006)+current hp (repeat this forumal as many times as con you have, for example you have a current hp of 2200 you do this (2200 x 0.006)+2200 then this (answer x 0.006)+answer etc.
1 con = 1 def point
you physical attack = str x 1.5 + weapon damage
attack speed = 65 + 1.1 x agi
added hit rate = hit rate x .555 x acc

*i have yet to do dodge and sp and spr damage for ray or thunder*
*most of these are only logical math formulas derived by cause and effect if you have anything to say i will take it into account*
oh and a fun thought
lv 10 kyling armor the one legendary kind
with 2 lv 9 bd souls
on a lv 100 voy pure con build
with a lv 41 fairy of constitution pure con build and fairy possesion
and a lvl 9 goc
you will have a base hp of about 13k-14k hp
and after the con bonuses you will have about 91K+ hp ^_^ have fun
(base hp of 12200 for 91050 hp after multipliers)
^^ and if you ever make this char please take a pic while tanking the black dragon ^_^
o and the def with that armor and that con would be about 546

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Die shrubs DIE!!

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