many more bugs after maintenance??

Go down many more bugs after maintenance??

Post by Kocktail on Fri 6 Jun - 2:15

i dunno wats wrong wiv the maintenance crew...but what i know is after maintenance, pvp cant come out, people stucked at fortune, people cant log into their characters (target map cant b reached, AGAIN!).

i mean, what the...?!!!
GMs, pls scold those maintenance people...they are so helplessly useless...>_<
Or maybe lets summon all players with us and lets gather a place where all respected GMs here will bring us to the maintenance crew and punch them in the face or burn their butts for their lack off!!

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Re: many more bugs after maintenance??

Post by ninjatortise on Fri 6 Jun - 2:44

Quote from
Its hard to remove a bug....look wat Gm yuki says
Yuki wrote:Err Lazafamas, Firstly which part of the message of threads say that technical side cannot fix ? Dun say it becos it took them long to fix all this .

As I had mention to other players , char lost is highly due database error .. They need time to fix . Imagine we have 100++ accounts , maybe thrice amount of the char info on the database itself. One wrong step taken means u can say bye bye to your character forever.

As people who had touches scripts b4 , one extra words or , will make ur script error , so to find out what causing the error is not easy . Please understand that fixing errors is not as easy as it seems ...
Die shrubs DIE!!
Die shrubs DIE!!

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